Dienstag, 16. August 2016


You can order our "17 spells" 7" here (write to: trimtabtapes@gmail.com) or via x-mist:


And Spastic Fantastic:


Also here:


Or if You are in Berlin just get Your copy and other good stuff here:

http://recordsberlin.de/ (Mo-Sa 14-19h Wiener Str. 32, 10999 Berlin


Go for it!

Also a nice Review in maximum rock n roll #403:

TTT # 21 - ONONON "17 Spells" 7"

Maybe thats the end of TTT. We made our first record (together with "John Steam records", "RAUSCH", "Cashew records" and "Fantasy Claus records"). It is good!

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Pretty soon TTT will conquer the world

Hey people! TTT was quite silent for a while but that does not mean we were lazy. So all you long dawarfs an small giants can look forward to new stuff from our band ONONON. We recorded 19 sonx with fabulous VEIT RAUSCH doing the recording. Very analog on a 8 track cassette machine. And uups, this comes pretty last minute: we are playing tomorrow in potsdam at La Datscha (http://ladatscha.blogsport.de/kontakt/).

The next Tapetresen will be on the 21th of may at our favourite schnapsloch. Come along and bring some tapes!

New releases are also in progress but mysterious as we are, we do not tell you what it will be. There was also a very little interview on fluxfm which will be aired on monday morning.

Thats it for today. Now its time to celebrate the soldiers who beat down germany 70 years ago. SALUTE!

Freitag, 13. März 2015

TTT # 20 - JIMMY PISTOLE "s/t"

Finally the laziest band on earth has released something. It took us just 10 years to put out this tape. But the waiting was worth it: its a fucking burner! "In your fucking fuckface, fucker" hardcore with all the ingredients you need for some oldskool entertainment: silly humour, monster riffs and working class shouting. Sascha from Unterschichten records mixed it up and this man knows how to do so, we can tell you!

TTT put a lot of effort into doing this kindergarten tape. There are a few action hero cards in every cassette and everything is silly coloured. So get it, as long its available!

But now its time to shut up and say thank you: Don Chrischan for helping recording, Sascha for mixing, Torsten for stuff and Matthi for art!


Its the childish tape!

check this out! This time DJ Tulpe aka "der Kapitän" did this video:


Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

TrimTabTape Release Party

In two days, on the 28th of February, we are doing a tape release party at our favourite schnapsloch (trrrrxta in xberg). We will present the first tape by the berlin hc band JIMMY PISTOLE, where clooos on is playing bass. More detailed information about this tape in a few days. It will be a wet and dirty party, because JIMMY will play with their buddies from WER SCHIEßT AUF RALF BIALLA. There will be a nice suprise, we can promise you (just think of the word "doubletrouble" and maybe you´ll get an idea)!

so check this:


After live music, there will be a big, little party: Rudi Fantasy vs. Claus Rauschgift: Soul Explosion DJ Set


Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

TTT # 19 - HURE „aus“

The fatherfuckers of HURE are back with a bang. Fuck noise, fuck grindcore and most of all: FUCK YOU! HURE keeps on going the way of total destruction. This time with the retarded lunatic O. Dradek from Czech Republic on bass and, as always, Igor, the racking toothache guitar fucker.

It is: the naked tape!!!

Montag, 18. August 2014

TTT # 18 - 1 ) 3 \ / 1 5 3 2 „Control“

Ui, TTT goes experimental! 
This piece of sound is all about the concept of control, 
or better: the illusion of control. 
Sickboy David tried to explain it to us and 
I do not know if i got it but 
thats what I think he wants to express. 
If you want to know better go and ask himself. So the concept of control is here the bottom line, intelectual and artistic. Intellectual in a way to realize that there is no such thing like control. We only think we are able to control stuff but if you look deeper you realize that there are so many coincidents that play their nasty games with us, that it is impossible to say we control things perfectly. On the other hand we are controlled by strange powers like religion, government, money, consum or whatever you wanna call it. But isn´t that an illusion too? 
And isn`t the realisation of that an opportunity to overcome these nasty powers? 
Who knows (I would still suggest reading Marx)?
So the way this tape tries to capture this message is to have a strict concept how David wanted to record this stuff. The first track “control”, is recorded with guitars and different effects. Every 30 seconds there is a change via the effect pedals. 
The other track is a reminiscence to Dan Farkas “Humbucket”. The music created there is just a result of a 60 Hz humming modified by flangers, choruses and other effects. Here you got the same with a 50 Hz humming. So it is the european answer to the american way. But check out this explanation:
In both cases the total concept of control could obviously not be achieved. Must have been a tough work. David told us that his brain was fucked afterwards.

After all these mindblowing facts, we want to tell you what we at TTT were thinking when we listened to this the first time. For us it was like Alan Splet is doing the sounddesign for an Alien movie. Yes, thats what it is: Eraserhead in outer space
The walls of  distortion are coming closer by fading away.

By the way: “1 ) 3 \ / 1 5 3 2“ means DEVISER. 
Dear David, feel free to set things straight in the commentary section 
if You feel misunderstood. Good bye!

This is the “looks like a professional tape” tape